Swonkie is Fighting Social Media Nightmare at UnGagged Conference in London, June 11-12

The Swonkie social media platform is available this month in the UK and will be presented to digital agencies and publishers at UnGagged – a two-day SEO & Marketing conference in London, June 11-12th.

Swonkie is a new social media platform that is focused on content creation, team collaboration and competitors” Analysis. Targeted for agencies, brands and publishers, Swonkie supports all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram (even Stories), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot and Medium.

The Swonkie platform sends content in one shot through multiple social networks, keeping the brand social presence alive and consistent. For companies that struggle with the resources to fully deliver on all social networks, Swonkie can schedule any content and manage teams with real-time collaboration, editing and notification.

The platform advises on how to improve content with a three-second SEO analysis. Swonkie tracks the accounts” metrics, and any other KPIs, such as those of competitors, and immediately creates performance reports.

Why Swonkie is powerful compared with other tools: 

  • Community Management: Allows users to reply to comments, receive messages in one spot and easily manage feedback from customers
  • RSS Feed: Turning on RSS feed Choosing when and where to post with Swonkie doing the rest
  • Integration with content platforms and SEO Analysis for content
  • Instagram Stories and specific Stories Analytics, plus Repost mode post
  • Most complete Analytics for Facebook and Instagram
  • Spy tool integrated to follow activity, track keywords, get rankings and competitors” Analytics
  • Collaborative flow for teams

More information at https://swonkie.com/

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artegic Explains Best of Breed and Single Vendor Solution, the Two Main Marketing Technologies

No more marketing without IT. Whether digital dialogue marketing, data analytics, programmatic advertising, or other (digital) marketing disciplines the challenges of digital transformation in marketing cannot be mastered without suitable technologies. There are two main approaches to the use of marketing technologies: best of breed and single vendor solution. What distinguishes these two approaches is explained in this article.

Best of Breed The Best Solution for Every Challenge 

Digital marketing today consists of a variety of disciplines. The idea behind the Best of Breed approach is to flexibly select the most suitable technology for each discipline and to integrate the individual systems with one another. The resulting system landscape is also referred to as the marketing stack. On the other hand, there is the Single Vendor Solution approach.

Single Vendor Solution One System for Everything 

The Single Vendor Solution (also known as Full-Stack Solution) approach provides all essential functions in a single technology. Most Single Vendor Solutions are based on a modular system. If further functions are required, the appropriate modules (subject to a charge) can be activated. With this approach. The greatest effort is primarily required to adapt the very complex software to the existing company processes and system landscapes.

Advantages at a Glance 

Both variants offer a variety of different advantages.

Best of Breed: 

  • Flexible adaptability of functionality and system landscape to the individual requirements of the company and business model
  • No dependency on a single provider
  • Successive rollout and thus sometimes lower costs for the adaption of internal processes and structures, as new technologies adapt to existing system landscapes
  • In an ideal case, possibilities of influencing the further development of individual technologies or individualization
  • Competitive advantages through the best possible technology combination

Single Vendor: 

  • Less training effort
  • Less coordination effort with different providers
  • Systems are presumably better integrated with each other and functionally interlocked
  • Various functions from a single source, which may lead to better interaction
  • Contractual relationship and negotiation with a provider

The brief overview of the main advantages shows that it is difficult to make a general assessment of which approach is the ‘better’ one. Of course, there are also mixed forms. Ultimately, it is an individual decision that takes factors such as business model, resources, goals, or existing system landscapes into account.

The current market trend is towards the Best of Breed approach. According to Chiefmartec study, 48 percent of companies prefer the Best of Breed approach, whereas only 21 percent favor the Single Vendor solutions. The remaining 31 percent either rely on individual single-function technologies, on in-house developments, or they do not use any marketing solution at all. The study Digital Data Insights by the Stuttgart Media University comes to a comparable result. Approval if the Best of Breed approach is about as twice as high as for the Single Vendor Solution approach. Some of the experts surveyed in the study justified in particular with the performance of specific tools and the lack in integration of Single Vendor Solutions in practice. Especially for larger companies that cannot adapt their processes/organisation to standard software, and for companies that want to stand out from their competitors and expand their unique selling points, individual software and thus the Best of Breed approach is ideal.


artegic AG supports companies in the construction of customer-centred, digital, best-in-class direct marketing. With 10 years of experience in marketing engineering, our service portfolio includes consulting, IT-integration and technology for realtime marketing automation and online CRM. artegic is the leading German specialist supplier of standard software for marketing automation via email and mobile. artegic is also operator of one of the largest software-as-service platforms for digital marketing in Europe.

With 65 employees at its German sites in Bonn and Munich, as well as international branches, artegic stands for sustainable and successful dialogue marketing with significantly better results and less operative expenses.

82% of German internet users are in contact with companies via artegic”s multi-award winning ELAINE technology. Our customers include RTL, PAYBACK, BMW, BURDA, Web.de, REWE, maxdome, as well as one in three DAX companies.

Every month, approximately 2.7 billion emails, SMS and social media messages are sent in 141 countries.

artegic is certified company-wide by TÜV Rheinland according to the international standard for IT and data security ISO/IEC 27001 and has received several awards for its innovative and trend-setting implementation of data protection requirements, including the eco Internet Award, the Cased Security Award and the International Business award (Stevie).

artegic AG
Zanderstraße 7
53177 Bonn
Mr. Sebastian Pieper
Tel: +49-(0)-228-22-77-97-0
Fax: +49-(0)-228-22-77-97-900

Twitter: http://twitter.com/artegic_uk
GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/111057448053888319461/posts

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South African Mohair Industry’s Response to Claims of Animal Abuse

The South African Mohair Industry is shocked by reports about animals being mistreated that came to light on Wednesday, 2 May 2018. We view these reports in a very serious light and are treating them with the greatest of urgency.

     (Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/687257/Mohair_South_Africa_Logo.jpg )

While we consider much of the report, and accompanying footage, to be factually incorrect and a misrepresentation of the South African Mohair Industry, some isolated issues have been raised and we have launched an investigation to address these issues directly and swiftly.

Over the past decade the industry has taken great care to ensure that sustainable production practices are introduced, accompanied by third party audits as of the beginning of this year. These third party audits will be expanded and done in cooperation with animal protection organisations.

Once we have concluded the investigation and identified the individuals who have transgressed the Sustainable Industry Guidelines, punitive measures will be implemented and they will face action in terms of the Animal Protection Act.

Angora goats are farmed for their fibre and not intentionally harmed in any way as they are the livelihood of every mohair farmer. The treatment of the animals ultimately determines the farmer”s income and sustainability.

As an industry we are passionate about our animals, our fibre and every single one of the 30,000 individuals who depend on the Mohair Industry for their livelihood. We want to ensure that we portray the passion and dedication of the South African producers and our remarkable industry – passion and dedication that is widely recognised by the international community.

In the interim all mohair produced on farms implicated during the investigation will be suspended and withdrawn from auction until they have been audited and found to be in-line with industry guidelines.

Deon Saayman                                                                                                                     
Managing Director – Mohair South Africa
Tel: +27-41-487-1386

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Deluxe Launches New Platform to Unify Global Content Creation and Distribution

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. (Deluxe) today announced the launch of Deluxe One, a platform that unifies every stage of the content ecosystem — from creation to viewer experience — in one cloud-based interface. An open platform, Deluxe One is designed to integrate with any vendor or customer system, allowing users to succeed in an age where the lines between creator and distributor are becoming increasingly blurred.

‘More and more, customers are working to shorten the time between camera lens and screen,’ said John Wallace, chief executive officer for Deluxe. ‘As the only industry provider that can deliver the full range of services from content creation through distribution, Deluxe is uniquely positioned to bridge this divide and power this new age of storytelling. Deluxe One offers a seamless way for companies of all sizes to access our services — from pre-production to playout — and reaffirms our commitment to persistent innovation.’

Deluxe One unifies a network of micro-services accessed through an intuitive interface that helps customers streamline their workflow, whether they are using Deluxe”s end-to-end solution or just a piece of it. Designed to reduce hand-offs between vendors and speed up turnaround times through automation, Deluxe One allows customers to get their content to audiences around the world quickly and reliably.

‘Deluxe One completely reimagines how content gets made and delivered,’ explained Andy Shenkler, chief product officer for Deluxe. ‘The modular architecture enables integration with vendor and customer APIs, unifying what was once a very fragmented ecosystem of services and offering it to customers through a single interface that gives them control and visibility throughout the entire media lifecycle.’

In contrast to traditional siloed solutions, Deluxe One acts as an open hub, allowing not only customers but other vendors to connect their business with Deluxe and benefit from the power and breadth of the platform while co-creating value. Vendor partners that are currently integrated in the platform include:

  • DLVR: Multi-CDN switching and optimization for peak streaming performance
  • Globant: OTT platform solutions for publishers and content creators
  • Hybrik: Highest-quality cloud-based transcoding at scale
  • Mediamorph: Rights information and management to automate operational content flows

Deluxe One draws on the expertise Deluxe has built as the trusted partner of the largest studios, programmers and distributors for over 100 years. With its best-in-class proprietary products, applications and services, Deluxe has created and delivered more premium content than anyone in the world, and Deluxe One makes it easier for customers to access this unparalleled expertise for their post-production and distribution needs.

To learn more about Deluxe One and how it can help create and deliver your content to global audiences more efficiently than ever before, visit one.bydeluxe.com.

About Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.
Deluxe Entertainment Services Group (Deluxe) is the world”s leading video creation to distribution company offering global, end-to-end services and technology. Through unmatched scale, technology and capabilities, Deluxe enables the worldwide market for premium content. The world”s leading content creators, broadcasters, OTTs and distributors rely on Deluxe”s experience and expertise. With headquarters in Los Angeles and New York and operations in 38 key media markets worldwide, the company relies on the talents of more than 7,500 of the industry”s premier artists, experts, engineers and innovators.



Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/663989/Deluxe_One_Inventory_Title_Image.jpg
Logo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/663988/Deluxe_One_BlackRed__1_Logo.jpg
Logo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/95426/DELUXE_LOGO.jpg


Deluxe One brings together everything creators and distributors of all sizes need to reach more audiences

Pascal Laik Joins FollowAnalytics as CEO

FollowAnalytics, the leader in Enterprise Mobile Success and GDPR compliance, announces the appointment of Pascal Laik as CEO and to the Board of Directors. He brings decades of experience and has a proven record of helping enterprise software players like FollowAnalytics to the next level both in sales and product executive positions on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. In his new role at FollowAnalytics, he will focus on operational excellence and sales scalability. 

Pascal Laik”s experience includes a deep understanding of the CRM software market and the data management, data quality and data integration space as well enterprise wide digital transformation platforms in the IoT, Big Data and AI arena.

There is a significant opportunity for FollowAnalytics that lies ahead, and we couldnt be happier with Pascal joining us and helping the company and its customers achieve continued success,’ said Samir Addamine, Follow Analytics founder. 

I am very happy to join a company with great products, marquee customer references such as Allianz, Orange and Louis Vuitton, a unique partnership and synergy with Salesforce and a promising market at the intersection of mobile, marketing, AI and IoT. It is now ready to take on the future!’ said Pascal Laik, CEO of FollowAnalytics.

Pascals executive management experience combined with Samirs skills as an industry pioneer and visionary, will provide the perfect blend of executive leadership for Follow Analytics future growth, said Denis Barrier, managing partner et co-fondateur at Cathay Innovation, one of the companys historical investors.

Today”s announcement follows the $11 million funding round led by Orange Digital Ventures in December 2017, as well as a key win for FollowAnalytics with the signature of its first seven-figure yearly contract.

About Pascal Laik  

Before joining Follow Analytics as CEO, Pascal was VP of Sales at C3 IoT, Managing Director South Europe at Winshuttle, VP Sales International at Informatica and Vice President of Master Data Management and Data Quality products at Oracle/Siebel where he spent 10 years in various products, service and sales leadership roles. Before, Pascal worked 8 years in Consulting at PwC and Andersen Consulting. Pascal has a Master of Science in Engineering from Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA) in Paris France and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Wharton School from the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a major in Finance in May 2000 with distinction.

About FollowAnalytics

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