Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters – Social Media as a Tool

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How should you approach Social Media as you search for the next great opportunity in your career? Should you Twitter…or not? Is LinkedIn for you? Can Faceb…

2 risposte a “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters – Social Media as a Tool”

  1. LOVE IT. I’m a career coach and these are some absolutely great strategies
    for job seekers. I often tell my clients that they need to do the thing
    that’s different in order to stand out and many of them have no clue how to
    use the social media to market themselves. I will definitely be sharing
    this video and please, when you have a book in your presence that you are
    referencing, please tell your viewers what the book is :-), I want to get
    it now I have to go searching…:-)…Thanks

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