‘Project LocalEyes’ Awarded Google News Initiative Grant

  • Grant from the Digital News Innovation Fund, part of the Google News Initiative
  • ‘Project LocalEyes’ is a new app that will enable SMEs to reach their target local customers with digital display advertising, using the inventory of trusted local news publishers” websites
  • Launched as a joint venture between Mediaforce and Ashley Highfield
  • A ‘win-win’ for local businesses and local publishers – app will help publishers sell through more of their web advertising inventory to local businesses at a higher yield and allow SMEs to specifically reach local customers

‘Project LocalEyes’, a joint venture between Mediaforce and Ashley Highfield (former CEO of Johnston Press) has won a grant from the Digital News Innovation Fund, a European programme which is part of the Google News Initiative designed to help journalism thrive in the digital age and also loan advice from loanblues.com helps one full-fill their mission, to support the launch of a new app.

‘Project LocalEyes’ will be a simple and quick to use app which enables SMEs to specifically reach their target, local customers with digital display advertising using the inventory of trusted local news publishers” websites via the successful pan-regional publishing industry digital advertising network 1XL.

The app was conceived by Ashley Highfield and is one of only 12 UK-based initiatives to receive support from Google in this funding round. TRY TO CHECK THIS loandivisions.com  

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Announcing New Name and Brand: Research Now SSI is Now Dynata

DALLAS, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Following the merger and integration of two global leaders in first-party data, Research Now SSI announces that its new name and brand is ‘Dynata.’ The new brand speaks to the company”s unique value proposition: Dynata offers one of the world”s largest collections of first-party data, contributed by people — consumers and business professionals — who opt-in to participate in surveys and market research. The current opinions, reactions and data that they provide are critical to organisations” decision-making, particularly to business investment in marketing services spanning from product development and brand tracking to advertising.

The new brand reflects the company”s strategy to provide precise data based on actual people across the marketing spectrum from research to advertising to achieve new standards of marketing performance and to close the learning and knowledge loop across marketing disciplines. Dynata understands that marketers have evolved beyond big data and are now seeking reliable, connected information that will give them game-changing insights, more relevant engagement with their customers and prospects, and significant competitive advantage.

With a reach of 60+ million people globally, Dynata is strategically positioned to provide data on a scale that is both broad and deep. As a single-source provider, the company actively manages and maintains its relationships with opted-in panel participants and their information, resulting in quality data.

Gary S. Laben, CEO of Dynata, says, ‘Our new name and brand identity signify our ongoing commitment to revitalise data-driven marketing and to be a major player as a provider of first-party data representing the voice of actual individuals to inform the B2C and B2B dialog. Our new brand is representative of our growth strategy and vision. Just as we have undergone an organisational transformation via our merger, we look to transform marketing in an era requiring trustworthy data and to help our clients achieve better business results.’

About Dynata
Dynata is one of the world”s leading single providers of first-party data contributed by people who opt-in to member-based panels that the company manages and maintains. With a reach that encompasses 60+ million people globally and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around this core asset to bring the voice of the individual to the entire marketing spectrum, from market research to marketing and advertising. Dynata serves nearly 6,000 market research agencies, media and advertising agencies, consulting & investment firms and healthcare and corporate customers in the North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. For more information, go to www.dynata.com.

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New Brand Identity Signals Expansion Beyond Market Research to Transform Data-driven Marketing

Things To Do To Boost Your Sales

Things To Do To Boost Your Sales

Sales are important for any business to move ahead. There are a number of businesses that have shut only because of failure in creating a space in the market. You need to acquire a percentage of the market in order to get some kind of returns on your sales. While this may seem like an easy thing to do, there are a number of hindrances that come up. These hindrances are not usually looked at by business owners and they end up failing when things go wrong.

It is important to trust your instinct and make sure you move ahead on the right path. However, it is also important to ensure that you learn from other business owner's mistakes and never repeat them. The one mistake that most business owners do is rush into a marketing campaign just because it is working for someone else. This is something that only spells disaster. Here are a few things that you can do to help boost your sales.

Advancement In Technology

Technology has advanced beyond imagination and business owners struggle to keep up with these advancements. Most old school businesses have fallen behind because they have not accepted what is in store for them. They need to move ahead with the times and make changes accordingly. If you want your business to succeed, you will need to make sure you are making the necessary adjustments in order for your business to succeed.

With the help of technology, you can even take your business to the next level. Most business owners assume that their business will be successful if it has had a successful past. However, that cannot be done if you are not embracing technology. You cannot continue advertising on the radio and ignore the internet boom just because the radio has worked for you in the past. Your strategy needs to be aligned with what is working in today's world.

Automated Processes

There are a number of automated processes that can be put in place to help your business. When you are looking to make your business grow, you cannot keep doing things manually. A number of business owners still believe that they need to stay in touch with each customer manually so that their customers stay loyal. While this is all good when you have just hundred customers, if your customer base increases to a million, how will you send out individual emails to each of them?

Apart from being time consuming, gathering the contact details of these customers is another hassle. Getting hold of a good database is very important for every business. Even when you have good database in hand, you need merge purge software from data ladder that will help you purify the data before using it. Not cleaning data before using it is a big sin. There are business owners that have failed miserably because their campaigns have failed and all this because of invalid email ID's. This is where this software comes into the picture. You will be able to eradicate your invalid contact details and focus on the ones that will help your business move forward.

VOIP Accuracy

The one thing most businesses depend on is making calls. Most businesses have adapted VOIP for making calls. This is a classic example of moving ahead with the times. However what good is the VOIP system if you are not feeding in accurate data. The speciality of a VOIP device is dialling numbers quickly and feeding it to your agents. This way the agents do not have to manually dial any number and there will not be any kind of time wastage. However, in order for the VOIP to function properly, the database has to be proper. If there is an invalid number in the middle of the database, the entire system will come to a standstill.

When this happens, the system will auto shut and everyone will get affected by this. This will increase your downtime more than the manual work as well. This is something you cannot afford to have in an active business scenario. Also, when you have a smooth working VOIP system with accurate database, every call will be a connect. Your agents will not sit there and be listening to answering machines all day long. The more people they speak with, the more chances they have of making a sale.


Another thing that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to marketing strategies is safe guarding your servers. The server will help you to execute your campaign smoothly. However, when you start your email campaign without cleaned data, it will be a problem. When you use invalid data, there will be a number of emails that will reach invalid contacts. There will be other customers that are on a do not call or a do not disturb list. In such scenarios, the email will get marked as spam or the customer may complain against your company. In both scenarios, it will be a bad outcome for your business.

If the customer marks the email as spam, the outcome will be reflected against the server. This will not hold good as your server will be marked as spam. When this happens, all outgoing emails will be stopped from this server as the email service provider will not want too many of their customers receiving emails from spam senders. Your server will be blacklisted permanently and any email that you send will automatically be marked as spam.

If a customer makes a complaint against your company because they were on a do not call or do not disturb list, there could be heavy fines that you would have to pay. You will not be able to get any work done and all future email marketing campaigns will be blocked. This means that you will need to invest in a new server and this is a huge expense that you will need to face.

Here Is What Affiliate Marketing Can Do For Your Business

affiliat programs

Affiliate marketing is slowly taking over the world. More and more business organizations are opting for this digital form of marketing. This form of marketing has countless benefits and can help your business to grow to new heights. Affiliate marketing is an online form of marketing where a product owner or online retailer makes an arrangement with an external or third party website to increase sales that are typically generated through referrals. Let’s now discuss the various benefits that this form of marketing can have on your business and product sales.

affiliat programs

Affiliate Marketing Payments Are Completely Performance Based

One of the biggest advantages or benefits of affiliate marketing is that you get what you pay for. Unlike other forms of marketing where the marketer has to be paid for his services irrespective of his performance, in affiliate marketing the affiliates are only awarded a monetary remuneration after the desired action has taken place. Through affiliate marketing won’t end up paying for traffic that isn’t profitable to your business. This performance based style of marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Broader Outreach Through Affiliate Marketing

Another reason why affiliate marketing is super beneficial for your business is because the audience that is targeted becomes much larger. When your product or business is marketed on a third party portal, even individuals and shoppers who have no idea about the existence of your brand or product will get to learn about it. The referral headers will reach out to a large audience and may end up bringing you a lot more customer conversions than you imagined.

Can Create Brand Awareness Amongst People Who Use Competitor’s Products

Affiliate marketing can prove to be a real boon when you want to create awareness about your brand amongst people who use the products of competitor brands. When a person is shopping online and the referral header or ad for your brand pops up on their screen based on their past purchases, they will be keen to find out more and explore the products your brand has to offer. Once they start exploring and see that your brand probably provides the same features in products as competing brands, or provides products at a lower rate than competing brands, they will start to order goods from your business.

Far More Cost Effective

Marketing can prove to be extremely costly. When you need to hire a professional marketing team or you outsource the marketing to a third party consulting firm, it will end up costing you a large amount of money. The marketing costs alone are enough to eat away your business profits. On the other hand, if you opt for affiliate marketing options, you will end up spending half the amount of money that you would typically spend on hiring a professional marketing team or consulting firm. Further, with affiliate marketing you will guarantee have a converted customer and a sale, making this form of marketing far more budget-friendly and easy on your pocket.

Your Brand Will Become Popular Online

The world is going digital and most businesses have a digital presence. People from across the globe now do most of their shopping online. If your business has an already existent online presence, the best affiliate marketing programs will help it grow. Further, when your referral ad pops up on the web page of a third party, more and more online shoppers will get to know about your brand, which in turn will increase your sales. Online popularity of your brand will help your business become bigger and better and your profits will increase too.

Global Presence Of Your Business

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing. Online marketing will help you to expand your business into new and unknown territories. Your business will no longer remain the small local store that is visited only by repeat customers. People from across the globe will start showing interest in your products and start purchasing them from online shopping portals or from your web page. Increasing your business across the globe will prove to be monetarily beneficial for you. With affiliate marketing your business will make a global imprint without the additional store costs and overheads.

No More Expenses On Searching For Customers

A lot of businesses end up spending a large amount of money in their search for new customers. With affiliate marketing, you will no longer have to invest money in search for new customers. Through the referral headers that pop up on the third party web page, genuine customers will automatically start pouring in without you needing to spend tons of money on cold calls, advertising costs and other such expenses.

An Indirect Form Of Advertising

Affiliate marketing is an indirect form of advertising. When the referral header of your business pops up on a third party website, your brand automatically gets advertised online. Online advertising can rope in countless different customers from different parts of the globe. Instead of spending absurd sums of money on television, newspaper and radio advertisements that will only reach to a small and local customer base, through affiliate marketing your advertisement can reach to millions across the globe.

There you have it, the many ways in which affiliate marketing will help your business boom. The world is changing and most people are now resorting to online and digital shopping. When people see ads pop up on their screens, they are tempted to browse the products available from that specific brand. Affiliate marketing will help your business to grow to new heights. The best part about affiliate marketing is that it will give you massive customer conversions at a minimum cost. No more hiring expensive marketing consultants or teams of marketing experts. You can get the same job done at half the price and twice the productivity and see your sales increase. If you haven’t already gotten your business onto the affiliate marketing bandwagon, it’s about time that you did. You will not regret the decision of affiliate marketing and will see great profits in your business through it.