Orange Economy Already Accounts for Almost 3% of GDP in Colombia

  • Between 2007 and 2017, Bogotá was the main destination for new foreign investment in the Colombian market with more than 400 million dollars, surpassing São Paulo, Miami and Buenos Aires.
  • A sample of Colombian talent from this sector will be present at MIPCOM with a delegation of 16 companies, led by ProColombia.

The Orange Economy is on the way to becoming one of the main economic engines of Colombia: the world of entrepreneurship, technology, and creative industries already accounts for almost 3% of the GDP of the Latin American country – that is three times the contribution of coffee and almost 1.5 times the contribution of mining.

Colombia wants to position itself as an orange symbol, color of culture and creativity. ‘Boosting the Orange Economy is one of the Government”s priorities. In ProColombia, we have identified great sales opportunities in the development of software, films, television, animation, and videogames. These are sectors that have grown by more than 30% in exports,’ explains Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, the entity of the Government of Colombia that promotes investments, exports, tourism, and the country brand abroad.

According to data from Invest in Bogotá, between 2007 and 2017, the Colombian capital was the main destination for new foreign investment in this sector, with more than 400 million dollars, surpassing capitals such as São Paulo, Miami, and Buenos Aires.

Development of audiovisual content: Colombia is becoming an ideal filming location for industries such as Hollywood. Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, or Mark Wahlberg are some of the actors of international stature that in recent years have filmed movies in Colombian territory. While in 2013 an international film was recorded, in just over five years the number increased to 28.

A sample of this effervescent Colombian industry will be present at MIPCOM from the hand of 16 companies, accompanied by ProColombia:

  1. Provideo SAS
  2. Cumbia Films SAS
  3. Team Toon Studio SAS
  4. Primetime Media SAS
  5. Katapix Media SAS
  6. Metro Television SAS
  7. Incomsa S.A
  8. Digitzfilm
  9. Salabi SAS
  10. Zincotools
  11. Televideo SAS
  12. Dynamo Producciones S.A
  13. Producciones GNR SAS
  14. AG Studios Colombia S.A.S
  15. La Diana SAS
  16. Creativivo SAS

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