Local Guerrilla Marketing CEO Wendy Stevens & Jay Levinson

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Local Guerrilla Marketing provides local online marketing solutions to businesses of all types. Local Guerrilla Marketing can be found by visiting http://www…

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15 thoughts on “Local Guerrilla Marketing CEO Wendy Stevens & Jay Levinson

  1. Great targeted, strong message, love the voice and images, esp. the one at
    the end, “putting you ahead of your competition”… Awesome!’ BOM

  2. Dramatic voice & dramatic changes for local businesses that are Clever
    enough to see the benefits of these services. CleverGuerrilla approves!

  3. Super information and intriguing. Success to the small local business and
    support to our local communities.

  4. Compelling! And that is what a business needs to set them apart from
    everyone else out there.

  5. Love it and Love what you are doing to help the Little Guy Little Gals
    small business that They’ve invested their heart & souls into, Way to Go!
    Local Guerrilla Marketing!!!! Edgy, Attention-grabbing Authentic! Nicely
    done! VSN

  6. This is the best news for local businesses. The voice is a bit dramatic.
    Powerful message and excellent details explained and illustrated.

  7. Loved it. The story describes in excellent detail and images where we small
    business owners need to go in order to be successful today and into the
    future. Well done.

  8. Great images, powerful voice, Nicely Done Local Guerrilla Marketing,
    Standing Up for the Little Gal !!! 😉 VSMSMaster

  9. Excellent, powerful video, love how that JEJ like Voice Resonates and puts
    out a Strong Consistent Message: Local Guerrilla Marketing Consultants are
    Gamechangers For the small mom & pop business up to the mid-sized firm who
    must compete online for Their fair share of what people are searching for:
    Your local businesses’ product or service! With our state of the art tools,
    the little gal/guy has a fighting chance, able to even dominate a google
    search for Their product in Their town or city!

  10. Wendy Stevens’ Local Guerrilla Marketing has made an amazing difference in
    our business, reallocate some non-revenue producing “print media” money and
    put some distance between you and your closest competitors! You’ll be
    thrilled you did! WDCInt

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