Heiniken the Entrance – Viral Marketing Video

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New Heineken ad, ‘The Entrance’, featuring the song ‘The Golden Age’ by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Heiniken the Entrance – Viral Marketing Video

  1. 3 years ago Heineken launched a set of mini series ads, would you prefer to
    watch story telling ads, or short aggressive BY NOW ads…which ones would
    grab your attention most, and what type of ads would you remember most?

    Heiniken the Entrance – Viral Marketing Video

    #heineken #beerlovers #marketingstrategy #advertisingcampaign 

  2. I got one thing to say: YOU’RE DOING TOO MUCH. Also, Heinikin sucks and has
    always sucked. Artificial piss beer.

  3. i like this commercial, beer companies seem to have the funniest
    commercials on regular basis

  4. The blonde chick is fucking hot! And that’s one heck of a tune, it’s stuck
    in my head the whole day.

  5. As previously stated he is definitely the Son of the Most Interesting Man
    in the World. Too cool. Pure Swagger.

  6. Ok so I’ve watched this ten times. I’m going too say, commercial of the
    year. Open your world. Classic.

  7. It’s ok to not like something (duh), but if you can’t recognize this song
    has an awesome hook then you know nothing about music. Personally, I love

  8. What a cheap rip off of the Dos Equis man. Music sucks, the guy is a geek,
    and the music sucks ass. Need to hire a better ad agency,

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